Some guys

I have to reiterate this over and over. I suppose some people choose to ignore the statement emphasized below. So I will emphasis this statement with as many HTML-possible ways as possible: THIS BLOG IS NOT MEANT TO HELP HETEROSEXUAL ASIAN AMERICAN MEN GET LAID. This blog is meant to shed light on how best to approach the beginning, middle, and continuation of relationships.

I have been meeting the acquaintances of dudes who think too highly of themselves. They are guys who supposedly ‘get laid’, ‘get girls’, or some other grammatical permutation that hints (and only hints) at their manhood. (If you just want to ‘play the field’ or ‘get laid’, stop reading this blog now. It will be of little use to you). Not to judge them for their sexual prowess, because hey, more power to them. But these are confused individuals. You don’t say you are open to relationships if you simply find transient sexual encounters. It’s a black-and-white issue. I am addressingthis because I think some dudes do not know the catastrophic road on which they are traveling. Know thyself.

(Dude, your skills to get girls in your bed or give you their numbers has only a small fraction of an effect on the outcome of that budding friendship/relationship). How a man performs in bed and the first impression he makes are important. Men who are looking for serious commitment, the former shouldn’t happen right away or overnight. The latter is very important. I hear this from certain guys: I have no problems getting girls. These guys are usually single and in their 30’s. (Dude, we all need help. But to think that because you’ve dated many girls, you have no problems finding ‘that’ girl, you’re kidding yourself. If you really were that good at searching and screening and if you were perfect enough of an individual because of the self-improvement you’ve gone through, you’d be in a serious relationship).

Some men think of long term relationships as some abstract idea. Some men think about love as a feeling. Some men have no idea what relationships are. Some men have no idea between dating and soul-searching.

There is a formula for love. Where, how, and in whom we find love is very individualized. But there is a formula whereby two beating hearts can find one another. Just Google “love quotes” and you will find limitless amounts of quotations. In all the quotations love is always an action, never a feeling. That euphoric feeling is not love, but a deep “liking”. Love in action in our minds, in our daily lives, in our dreams, in our attitudes. It all starts with attitude.

(If you are a man in your 30’s, settled into a great career, open to a loving and healthy relationship, and you are still single, dude, look in the mirror and change yourself. Change your attitudes and your image in the mirror and you will find a reflection that brightens your life)

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